Our Testimonials

“By night I am a restaurant General Manager in NYC. By day I am a dad of three young children. Industry Hemp CBD works wonders with taking the edge off without impairing factors that alcohol or smoking causes. A few drops in my morning coffee and we’re ready to go! It gives me a nice boost of energy and helps to shake off the body aches caused by late nights and long hours on my feet. I highly recommend Industry Hemp CBD as a healthy alternative to add to your daily supplement intake.“

~ Mike D, Nesconset, New York

“I have been bartending for many years. Before the weekend of the 4th, I injured my knee working out. That weekend was three consecutive 15 hour shifts. By the end of my last shift, I was wearing a knee brace just to stand. A few weeks later I found Industry Hemp CBD. I took a few drops at night. I was able to sleep deep and was healing quickly. I was back in the gym and recovering within a few days. My knee has not been an issue and now that I can get proper rest, I can perform at my peak behind the bar and overall in my day today.”

~ Gerald V, San Diego, California

“I simply love this stuff! I’ve been using this CBD for about two months now and I am very happy. I’ve tried CBD from other brands with poor results and a horrible taste. Since I’ve been using Industry Hemp, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety as well as a dramatic improvement in my gastrointestinal issues. I love that it is water soluble as well as flavorless and I can put it in my morning coffee or any beverage that I prefer. Really happy with this product and it is now a part of my daily routine and will be from here on out.“

~ Kelly L, Ashburn, Virginia

“My name is Vicki. I’m 61 years old and have been dealing with Fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sciatica for 25+ years. My doctor had me addicted to pharmaceuticals and norco for 20 yrs. After trying Industry Hemp CBD and using it in my coffee and bottled waters for the last several months, I am astonished why I thought I need pills to help alleviate the pain in the 1st place. I haven’t touched pills in 3 months. I haven’t had a flare-up due to my fibromyalgia and I am now on an actual sleeping regimen. I’m sold on this product and will never use anything but Industry Hemp again. Thank you.”

~ Vicki M, Colorado Springs, Colorado